About Amy Hepler

Blending the Practices of Design & Technology

Amy Hepler
From the simple business card to the comprehensive corporate website, I have years of experience perfecting the intricate art of visual communications. Blending the practices of modern design and technology, I design and develop websites, logos, graphics, and typographies that stand out, make the right impression, and entice people to take action.

Purpose of Great Design

Design has a bigger purpose than just looking great. High-quality design:

  • Places the most useful information in places where it is easy to find;
  • Makes it easy for your audience to do what you want them to do;
  • Creates trust by branding your business in a consistent and professional way; and
  • Uses visual interest to make content easy to read.

First Impressions Count

People will develop an opinion of your brand within the first few seconds of viewing it. This is your opportunity to really stand out from the others, be unique, and make the right impression.